Music School

Word of Life Music School offers programs and instruction to children and adults, giving them an opportunity to mold and shape the musical gifts God has placed within them. Lessons are 45 minutes long and are held weekly on Monday - Thursday afternoons.

The Fall session of Music School is August 28 – December 21, 2017.

The Spring session of Music School is January 8, 2017 - May 24, 2018.

Instructors - Classes

Prices & Schedules

Don Opperman  - Bass Lessons

                               - Guitar Lessons

                               - Sound Lessons

Ta Robinson   - Piano Lessons

                           - Vocal Lessons


Classes are $240 per semester if paid in full the first day of class, or can be paid on a monthly basis for $65.


A special discount for those currently serving on a Word of Life Music Team of $200 per class

per semester if paid in full the first day of class, or $55 per month.


There is a $35 per student enrollment fee for new students.


Our School of Music recital for 2017 will be in May.


*Due to Circumstances We will not be offering drums and percussion lessons for this semester.

We will resume offering drums and percussion lessons next semester.

Registration Information

Registration is by phone beginning August 14, 2017 at 10am.


1.) You may phone the instructor of the class or classes you are interested in to set a day and time for your lesson.


2.) Please download, complete, and bring the Enrollment Form below with the $35 enrollment fee to your first lesson. All payments will be made to your instructor. Those with multiple classes and instructors will pay your total enrollment to the first instructor of the school week.


-Classes begin August 28th but registration will remain open through March 1, 2018.

-Questions about the school can be directed to the Music School Director, Christina Alley, by Phone or Email

318-688-4411 ex. 123.

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