I Predict 2018



1. Prepare for war both natural and spiritual.


2. War will come but it will be shocking who will stand with the US.

          -Which will cause war to last only a short period to the dismay of many critics


3. Implosion war will destroy many who want to make war, they will destroy themselves.


4. The face of the world will dramatically change in the near future.

 -Wars and natural disasters will scar and disfigure every continent.


5. Open armed conflicts will diminish as the enemy moves to more subversive activities to try and control nations.

 - i.e.  rise of socialistic thought


6. Many tears will be shed by many cities around the world, America will not be spared.


7. Anarchist will try to destroy the fabric of freedom but the common man will rise up and repel them.


8. Surely established rules of law will be pulled down to make way for perversions before thought unthinkable.

 -Mankind will try to justify its sin.


9. Dangerous global partnerships will be challenged to decide between economics and ideology, breaking apart for economic sake.


10. Organized crime will be found in places trusted as honest, rocking institutions associated with them.


11. Scientists will say they have found the origin of life and there is therefore no God.


12. Violence and anger will increase as carnal man has to cope with the pressures of life.


13. AI and automation will tax mankind to keep up but a rebellion against these will rise from a weary population trying to keep up.


14. The operation of the sun and moon will be disturbed with no scientific answer.


15. Look to the skies to see the working of God beyond man’s explanation.






1. The Prince of Persia will try to exert his power against Israel but will be repelled by the guidance of angelic forces.


2. Newly discovered natural resources will give Israel the strength and independence to stand in the end times.


3. Overwhelming odds will be against my people Israel in the days to come but I will come in like a flood to cause victory to come.


4. The blindness of the people will not see my hand at work but will declare victory by their own hand but their eyes will open as events unfold.


5. The case is set for Israel but for other nations who stand against her their destiny will be destruction.





1. Ancient ruins will reveal in detail the works of the apostles and new confirmation of Jesus works on earth.


2. Cries of revival will be heard from faraway and remote places, people will travel thousands of miles for a touch from God.


3. Nomenclature of the Church will be challenged so that anything goes in the house of God.

 -Sin will no longer be an acceptable word.


4. Many churches will try to meet the needs of society and become overwhelmed and frustrated with the lack of fruit, but those who sow to the spirit will reap a mighty harvest of souls.


5. Household salvations will become common place again.

 -i.e. Paul’s jailor.


6. Critical directions of the Holy Spirit will lead you away from danger into safety to those who are attuned.

 -i.e. which way to move or even run.


7. Disasters both natural and man made loom large and foreboding but the opportunity for the gospel will be greater than ever.


8. Spanish speaking nations will see a mighty move of God.

 -Drug cartels will be broken to pieces by the power of God at work.


9. Ships full of gospel worker will sail into ports and preach the gospel and be gone before they can be stopped.


10. Great grace is descending on the active Holy Spirit led churches as they see a return of Pentecostal power in the midst of social activism.


11. I am coming in great power to my church.


12. New season for the Holy Spirit, the days of Pentecost magnified.


13. For the foundation of the church, which is built on my Spirit, is about to rise up in an explosion of power that will get the attention of the lost.


14. And press the middle church up or down.


15. The shelters are open, the shelters of the Spirit, they are open for my people to run into them and be refreshed.

      -The Church where the Spirit is welcome will bring refreshing and strength in time of trouble.

      -Cities of refuge.

      -The rain will fall in some and people will move to the refreshing.


16. Lights will shine out of darkness to such a degree that even the hardest will declare that the Glory is Of God.


17. The anxious of heart will be challenged by the circumstances in the season to come but those who cast their care on the Lord will be renewed in the strength of the Lord.


18. The subversion Of Gospel Truth will continue to try and change the church but the righteous remnant will stand for purity and see the Glory Of God affirm their stance.


19. All mankind is about to be challenged with the reality of the Gospel.

 -Many will run under its tree as others will stand in open rebellion in order to obtain  favor from the world.

 -It will be shocking to see those who walk away.


20. Occult practices will challenge nominal churches but the churches of the Spirit will boldly break their power.


21. Dark and demonic spirits will try to attack the Church but the power of the Holy Spirit will energize the believer to resist and oppose the darkness.


22. Many religions will become totally controlled by demon spirits as the devil seeks to control people and their resources.


23. But the power of the Holy Spirit will shine like a beacon in darkness to bring deliverance to those who run to its light.


24. Waves of darkness will pour over continents but in many places they will be broken by the jetties of the Holy Spirit which will rise up and dispel the darkness.

 -Jetties on the coast.


25. Governments will be at a loss for answers but the righteous will speak forth and bring simple solutions to complex problems astounding those in authority.


26. God will use men and women as in the days of the prophets to guide those in authority to safety and deliverance.  2 Kings 6:8


27. The fortunes of whole cities will be reversed as the Righteousness Of God is exalted.

 -Pray that righteousness prevails.


28. The destiny of the world will be revealed to be in the hands of God.

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