The next step starts here.

The next step is becoming a LifeGiver.


LifeGivers are the foundation of our ministry. Not only are they connected to the church and the Life of God, but they give life away, touching others with the life they have been given.  This  process of receiving life and giving life away is how we grow.

 It’s what being a LifeGiver is all about.


Become a LifeGiver by joining Discover.


Discover takes place on three Sundays a month for those who are ready to take that “next step” to join our church family and become a LifeGiver here at Word of Life.


Here  you are able to meet new people, learn more about Word of Life, and discover where your gifts can be used to further the kingdom of God through serving!


Are you ready to take the next step?

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Week 1: “Discover Us” -- This is where we share with you about who we are as Word of Life, our heart, our purpose, and our vision.


Week 2: “Discover How & Why” —  There are so many places you can get connected here, and we believe every person has a valuable part to play in giving life to others.  Let us help you step into a place where you can not only receive life, but be a LifeGiver as well.


Week 3: "Discover You" --

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